Welcome to …
Caveat Corner Books

This is Caveat Corner, our new publishing company. Here is where we show off what we’ve got.

My favorite subjects are physics, mythology, politics, sex, religion and pop culture - one for each work day. (Do the math. I work a lot.)

We plan to bring out a book a year. Last year was Not my Closet. This year it’s a reissue of my 1981 novel Superman: Miracle Monday, in print, ebook and audio. In the next few months I’ll come out with a book of short stories called An Enemy’s Gift and I'm working on a trilogy of novels whose common theme is time travel (love time travel). And maybe we’ll try publishing some other people’s work as well; first things first. Meanwhile you can buy books and back issues - either here with plastic or PayPal, or at one of the online booksellers.

So let’s read some books.

Elliot S! Maggin
Miracle Monday, 5/15/17